Monday, January 31, 2011

Peter o'Toole is so cool. Omar Sharif is the chief.

I'm not a clean freak. No, I guess I thrive in an environment thats not exactly in order, may seem chaotic for most people but it works for me. Coming into terms with the less attractive aspects of myself isn't my cup of tea, but as the days turned months just slowly moved past me - a growing lump on my throat from all the challenges/projects I took on last year that now demand completion, I am really and certainly not in order.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chai Cookies and small steps

I started my Etsy shop sometime in November last year 2010 (like over a month ago?) and I remember how excited I was in prepping everything from product shoot to description, all the way to packaging, banners and the minute details like labels, ribbons and what not.

When I get my mind focused on something, I tend to go overboard and give a 101%, sometimes more. Obsessing over colors and how the paper bag folds, making sure its aligned and... basically just increasing its scientific and mathematical accuracy to as near as perfection.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sea Broth and Flame

Outside, the sun is rising somewhere behind the grey. Its all moist and smoke for the first few minutes, then a bit later some figment of white/yellow rises above the sky. In a matter of seconds, the outline of the surrounding hills become visible. First the Basilica, then the trees forming a rim around -what appears to be- a giant bowl of fog. Or witch's broth.