Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food Cravings

In the last week I have seriously grown more lustful towards good food and I mean - yummy gastronomical bliss food. Unfortunately my desires have shifted from Italian to Filipino flavors. Maybe I'm being nostalgic - no, I am seriously nostalgic. Just the thought of breakfast at home, hearing the chickens cockadoodledoo, the smell of burning wood, warm beams of sunshine straight from the sky to the window to the table, glowing, perfect. home.

I first arrived in Italy sometime in February early this year. We went to visit a friend's family house and there I was introduced to authentic Italian cuisine - by authentic Italians, no less! Lucky enough, the first pasta dish was Pasta al Pesto (my favorite), a rich and creamy mix of freshly ground basil leaves and pine nuts with grated parmegiano reggiano. Its exactly like what it should be but with a twist - she mixed in some potato slices and string beans with the pasta, boiling them together and on a plate they create a creamier consistency, marrying the flavors of fresh pesto. Magical.

I spent a month in Italy before going back to Asia for a 3-month grant in Singapore. There I would experience yet another kind of gastronomical bliss that would take me all over Asia in one place. I don't know if writing about this is good for my sanity but I do know that it helps keep my love alive. My love for home, for its people, for the diversity of flavors available around the world. :) oooooh flaaavoooorsss

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 cents for Love

So, while spending some weeks packing and moving and somehow putting up a shop. I was secretly wishing that by some divine force everything would suddenly fall into place just because I was loving what I did and because I was chill and spontaneous and, you know, cool (even more so after my Facebook deactivation, but not anymore after my recent re-activation. ah well.) Things didn't really turn out so smooth after all and, as all transitions, lotsa adjustments and bumps along the way. I had to reassess my judgment and FB snobbery.

Maybe the winter doesn't sit so well with me. Maybe I'm a tropical person freezing somewhere in the northern hemisphere feeling just a tad bit silly I'm not wearing something appropriate (bringing cotton sweaters when wool would've done a better job). Maybe I'm pregnant. oh man.

This handmade pendant thingymajee is an assemblage of trinkets from home, singapore, and italy. three of my last stops. who knows what'll be of it, maybe just another memory.

Monday, November 22, 2010

KaterinaBonVora is Alivvvvee

I did it. I put up an Etsy account. SHameless... and who can hide from a siopao face like mine? SIOPAO! haven't had one in ages! maybe its all for the best! :)

A move towards financial independence and celebrating creative expression!
Friends, countrymen, Romans - how does that go again? Well anyway, people of the world, here are my babies, my loves, romances, affairs and whatnots.

No need to commit! No need to pledge! Just share the love and move on your lighted path.

Kat :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Birds

Its been a long time since I last worked with a brush and I feel like sometime soon, we shall reunite. I can't believe that I did this piece 5 years ago. That means I'm much older now. and. well. hmmm.. the BIRDSsssss...

Saturday, November 6, 2010