Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My official introduction with arms, legs and head combined.

Hello, I’m Kat. Born and raised in the Philippines, multi-media creative*, mom to the beautifullest (superlative of superlatives) boy, making things happen in Italy and beyond.

Zero the One is for them and those that inspire me, a creative outlet, a way to stay curious and open, a habit I'd like to maintain like how people write on their journals/diaries or paint on canvas.

Why Zero the One?
I got into zen through a designer friend and the notion of zero, the nothingness so infinite that everything cannot escape it - embracing all, all of the whole which is one. It eluded me so, still does. Yet it keeps me awake, alert and present in the world whenever I'm feeling cloudy.

Multi-Media Creative* - the shortest set of words I can use to describe what it is that I do that includes: art/illustrationdesignanimationvideophotographymusicperformance, a mix of these and more. I like having the freedom to use different kinds of materials whether its outside of me or a part of me. I'm open to creative/design projects and collaborations. Feel free to contact me here.


Rachelaliceroddy said...

yay, so nice to meet you, your love and little boy the other day and so glad to have found your blog. Yes please please lets keep in touch. Rx

Karolina Eleonóra said...

I love this blog!! Im going to have a closer look at your making-videos post soon.


Katerina Bon Vora said...

Oh Karolina, I've followed your raw dessert creations for a while. You are beyond divine! I just popped over and saw you're preggy - congratulations! a new chapter, new stories await. You'll love it.

Thanks for stopping by. Would love to have you in our class (and see your Muse), please take a look and share if you like. :)

Kat x

Hema said...

Hi Kat, I have discover your blog through Blogboss and it's a great blog!

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