Saturday, May 7, 2011

La Verna

Anyone familiar with St. Francis of Assisi would probably think - oh, that hippie saint, barefoot walkin animal-whisperer. Yup thats the guy. Add stigmata to the list and you have one holy man. No joke though, I really do love him. A catholic rebel during his time, him and his ex girlfriend St. Clare revolutionizing prayer and devotion with heaps of LOVE, surrender, simpicity, co-habitation with mater natura and its creatures.

From La Verna

Friday, May 6, 2011

Chiesa dei Morti

This man was stabbed in the heart at a ball.

Church of the dead in Urbania. In the early 1600s the act of burying the dead wasn't a norm and generally poor people would simply be buried under the ground outside of the town. The mummified corpses featured here were of the outcasts, disfigured, sick, poor or unidentified and they lay to rest in a wild spot outside Urbania.