Monday, August 20, 2012

Learning Curve

Once again we are at the crossroads with just a few week/s left before we leave Pesaro *tear*. Moving is an art and maybe it takes a lifetime to master because honestly, I've still got boxes to unpack and damn I should've taken Tamsin's word for it.

Always and always the same two words in my head, "Pack light."
Two days ago I saw a crate-full of magazines (travel, interior design) at the trash and seriously stood there and reflected... and let go..

Summer has been a seriously busy month. Can't say it was unpleasant or super BUT, and I mean this in all ways, full of learning. And much more learning awaits! While I've been busily finishing projects and freelancing I've also made a point to get back into study and learning. Not quite knowing where to invest my full energy on with the many passions I have and buffering the frustration of not being able to fulfill them, I must learn, I must expose myself to the elements and hope that over time some form of mastery will come of it.

Thankfully there are things like Coursera and Skillshare to fuel the curious learner in you. I've signed up for several classes come September and October (my official "vacation" period. I do think learning is FUN). and I would so love to organize google hangouts with you or anyone who plan on taking some of the free online courses to discuss and exchange notes/homework. :) geek out with me?

Oh, and to all new readers - welcome, Welcome!
To those who've been following for a while now, sorry for the lack of presence lately. I assure you I haven't gone off-the-grid (although I like the idea). I'm still passionate about sharing my love for people, art, travel - making things happen with others. SO you bet I'll be around and hopefully more often soon.

Stay in touch.