Sunday, July 26, 2009

an aching tooth singing

weightless.. whats that? is it like swimming in the pool or floating in the sea? maybe its half-awake in bed right before the alarm rings. misty fog infested outside a log cabin and you don't know the time and it doesn't matter. yeah. all of that maybe. when the moment arrives that i get to fly like a bird and rest in the clouds, then we'll really know. then everything will be different.

"saying you will is just another way of avoiding whats there."

Monday, July 13, 2009


so ok. memories are irresistible. they exist as evidence of whats possible. so whats this shot of our old toyota corolla doing here? well, its there for melancholic reasons. and also, sitting beside this evidence of possibility is its limits. its tangible and printed out on a photograph. yet staring too long strains the eyes and if your interest is inexhaustible, maybe even crack your skull. limits create the urgency for the infinite. it exists like a code waiting to be broken, such like moses separating the red sea.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

the coconut is a giant nut

apart from a singing toe wound going "i am here i am healing myself but your not helping.. lalalaaa", some events have transpired during the day. a pact was made in the morning and broken after lunch. papers flew out of plastic folders and flew back in like it never left. the light of day over my shiny head is telling without end, "what do you know of the world? what? haha". it was a pleasant morning. found some fresh lychees and coconut juice in the middle of some flatland concrete business arcade. it looked like some kind of nevada casino-ish cluster of activity with its chinese seafood restaurants, bars, karaoke, grills, you know. that sort of thing. and then a fruit stand with fresh coconuts just before noon was jutting out of the picture.

i couldn't help but admire the randomness with my toe still there yet singing softly. it appears to be enjoying the trek around old/new manila.

indeed, what do i know of the world? and why would a noon-time sun ask questions like that in the middle of the desert? i mean, nevada. no, old/new manila.

well.. for one, i know coconuts are very tasty.