Sunday, July 26, 2009

an aching tooth singing

weightless.. whats that? is it like swimming in the pool or floating in the sea? maybe its half-awake in bed right before the alarm rings. misty fog infested outside a log cabin and you don't know the time and it doesn't matter. yeah. all of that maybe. when the moment arrives that i get to fly like a bird and rest in the clouds, then we'll really know. then everything will be different.

"saying you will is just another way of avoiding whats there."

whats there? is it over there beyond the horizon that people once thought was the edge of the earth, turns out it just goes on and on in a circle? is it there, that goal, that north star compass guiding us like God does to all who believe? is there actually here all along and i was too distracted to notice?

here, here is an assortment of appetizers also referred to as delicatessen. or like celia guantanamera would prefer, a basket of fruits that should look lovely on top of your head. a million things actually, many things. 27 letters in the alphabet and books upon books you can write and if the thousands of words in the dictionary aren't enough, write with words you can make up! like FIFI, GREK, LOPLIBOP, and GRAGGABLIT. and what about maps your can chart and charts you can file and files you can log in to databases and so on and so forth... life went on without you anyway. and if you were living, then you are.

so why count when you can dance? why dance when you can count? why pull out the measuring tape when knowing how tall i am at this age doesn't matter to me at all, right now, or ever? but yes we do matter. we make matter the matterless even. the immaterial material. we cant help but raise our fists every once in a while just to give that arm some kind of function. we might frown sometimes and maybe thats just our body's way of exercising those extra facial muscles. look at this machine and look at how it goes on and on...

meanwhile, a television is playing elsewhere with its viewer sleeping on a couch hardly noticing the static and the blinking of an image of a well.. hmm.. a video is starting to play... and then.....

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