Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why being away only brings me closer

"To create reality, an artist must first have the force to kill it. But instantly, the fragments draw together again, in love with each other, seeking one another, coming together with desire, with the obscure presentiment of the new life to which they are destined." - Francesco de Santis

  • So I have been installed in Singapore for 3 months doing research on Philippine art. Its surprising to be learning so much more about my culture outside my country. I suppose distance puts home into perspective and suddenly I'm noticing more and more details.
  • The smell of the sea cannot be duplicated and when a wiff of something remotely familiar arrests me, I breathe deep and keep quiet for a moment before walking on.
  • Singlish or Singaporean english has been the vernacular and I'm still amused. That "Lah" bit at the end of wonky break-dancing sentences is as charming to me as the food, so deliciously flavorful, declaring until the very last bite "Asia!". Yum. But back to home and where my heart is.
  • The flu has been doing rounds at the office. I was next in line but its ok. Well, if it wasn't I'd still make it ok. Less than 3 weeks until I fly off again. These moments slip away too fast.
  • Growing up makes everything seem a bit more moderate but not less likeable. Instensity still hangs around and seduces but so does simplicity and abandon.

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