Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chai Cookies and small steps

I started my Etsy shop sometime in November last year 2010 (like over a month ago?) and I remember how excited I was in prepping everything from product shoot to description, all the way to packaging, banners and the minute details like labels, ribbons and what not.

When I get my mind focused on something, I tend to go overboard and give a 101%, sometimes more. Obsessing over colors and how the paper bag folds, making sure its aligned and... basically just increasing its scientific and mathematical accuracy to as near as perfection.

I like it, it makes me happy to see something that involved some sweat and intensity. It gave me even more ideas - one of which is this sample packet of Chai Tea Cookies that go so well with any kind of tea, especially *surprise* Chai. and I went on to find other vintage shops, already looking forward to my next batch of goodies. Already anticipating some kind of continuity, growth and just having my eyes all sparkle and shine like a virgin.

Then I opened my shop, got some orders, mailed them -crossed my fingers, hoped for fast and safe arrival, and waited. Waited some more and then the holidays. And then the first week of the new year and I finally have some feedback. First couple of packages have arrived safe and on time OH what a relief. But, as all stories require some kind of conflict, the biggest package of them all did not arrive (still hasn't, since I last heard) and for the first time I experience the wrath of a really dissatisfied customer.

Earlier on my happy trail towards setting up my first online little hobby shop, mostly for fun, I assumed I was on tip-top shape, girl scout ready, and as precise as precision allowed. As much as I oversaw step 1 all the way till the finish line, I only had the vague predictions of mailing delivery arrival. I had some graphs, I asked questions, I applied the most reasonable mailing option that appeared safest. Having just moved here in Italy, trusting its post office is like getting acquainted with a new extended cousin-in-law (another story).

Lets just say that, on top of this new transition with all its complexities, now on the second week of January of the new year 2011, I haven't yet found the energy to continue pursuing this little hobby project that once gave me so much energy and inspiration. Also, after reading a couple of notes from different sources, I feel like I should just do more of what I used to. Video, animation, and food.


פִילִיפ said...

Open up ur own establishments, forget about u.s. companies (a recent M.I.T. panel reported the USD as done for: the Chinese Yuan will be the reserve currency shortly). Besides, EU nations are increasingly engaging East Asian entrepreneurship.

I really appreciate ur thoroughness, embedded with great care. Sister and Indo-Mongolian brother-in-law are pleased with Bahay Shemesh (=

Creatively-speaking, I could see how ur visually-sensitive fans are thirsty for more vlogs. Have you considered documenting ur pregnancy?

Also, personal request: my friend and her husband were on vacation in Italy (last year?) and they photographed a sign that had "Fabro" on it. Could you find it and document it for me with ur personal artistic flare?

Furthermore, we should collaborate. Be sure to check out Maya Escobar's latest project(s) with her amiga. Perhaps, you may find some inspiration for similar long-distance collaborations.


Kuya Eliyahu

פִילִיפ said...

btw. Fabro is my middle surname (mom's side of the family).

Unknown said...

Hi Kuya, will try to look for that sign, haven't seen it around here but will keep it in mind.

Also, thanks for your thoughts. I've been thinking about documenting the pregnancy but haven't considered doing it to show everyone. still feel new and weird and well, getting acquainted with the new soul. :) but yeah, thanks for giving me the idea, and also for reminding me of Maya Escobar, shes real feisty, lots of energy. Would be fun to work with her.

I'll let these ideas brew for a bit. Hope all flows well with you Kuya. <3

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