Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rethink Moneh

Bloody Moneh.
Its over-rated, dirty, criminal, secret love affair, eeeevviiilll... or so they say.
Freelancers of the artist kind understand that under-paid and bleeding is how it ought to be, like a sexy non-commital drifter. No battle scars meant ZOMBIE SLAVE TO THE MAN.
But that too is becoming sadly over-rated, as does anything EMO (hair inconveniently off to one side). Comparing mean clients starts to get old after a while and hardly satisfying (I mean, does the worst guy win or what?). Serial under-earners who have seen beyond the value of green paper rectangles are in fact still bound by the laws of gravity as do the filthy rich. If all is fair in life and death why the frikken hush hush taboo over cash? Why the lack of confidence in our work? If a guy can make a living by being an ass, how can you not by being awesome at what you do? If money (minus morality) gets food on the table, takes you places, gets you books, then its useful. If its useful, why feel guilty about asking to get paid for a job you completed? (or having to ask again and again)

We don't need to pretend we don't need money - even if its true that you don't and you live in a commune of needless enlightened ones. But bluffing is for poker and clear straightforward communication is for business. Its not about topping the coolness, the chilling coolness of people in suits or bling, its just about fair exchange. Just plain and simple - fair.

Keep it simple and be clear, persist to continue doing what you love (for the ability to keep doing what you love) with or without money.

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פִילִיפ said...

Or Vladmir Mammon.

My former mentor who identifies as a Mystical Anarchist [Emma Goldman is a heroine of ours] notes that in order to topple a corrupt[ible] system [specifically a capitalist-imperialist modus of operandi], one must master the structural inner-workings of said system and become better at it. The most difficult challenge at the outset is your willingness to engage in such a mind-numbing existential game. That's why she encourages business, rather than conventional art, even though crunching numbers doesn't seem so fun and f@b.

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