Friday, April 8, 2011

honesty and choosing which bits matter

For a while in the blog-sphere it was all about honesty and just being brutally in your face, the truth as it escapes from your gut whether as bile or smoke or smut (hey that rhymes). and just leaving it out there like some kind of conceptual art - pay no heed as to what damage it might cause to tender souls raised with tact and if it does invite a tear or two, or better yet - shock the bejeezus out of em', all the better.

Well, all that is getting old as more and more "honesty" is poured out without thought or restraint and in fact, its all looks like the same old growing pile of information going into the information wasteland of the internet. I think I either read or heard the term "the tyranny of information" some time ago. And how do we keep up with the news, people's lives, wellness, awareness, sustainability, etc. simultaneously updating to no end? Who knows. I just noticed that most people now think that being discreet is a means to non-existence.

When one resorts to random thoughts and the occassional discomfort as the highlight of content for "honesty" or the need for honest existence, then our function for expression soon loses meaning as we obsess over fleeting matters (knowing full well that feelings, urges, and thoughts can last just as long as a scoop of gelato). And then what? Scatterbrain.

I personally don't think I will stop from inspecting my own fleeting concerns and blog about it, or even talk about my random thoughts and occassional discomforts but I would like to develop a finesse for choosing those bits that matter and try to keep myself from being derailed by the mass of information and false obligations, maybe even add to that list the ability to distinguish which stuff to pay attention to and which to just let go off.

Finally, learning how to extend those brief moments of silence. and enjoying it.

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