Saturday, May 7, 2011

La Verna

Anyone familiar with St. Francis of Assisi would probably think - oh, that hippie saint, barefoot walkin animal-whisperer. Yup thats the guy. Add stigmata to the list and you have one holy man. No joke though, I really do love him. A catholic rebel during his time, him and his ex girlfriend St. Clare revolutionizing prayer and devotion with heaps of LOVE, surrender, simpicity, co-habitation with mater natura and its creatures.

From La Verna

Chiesa della Verna was his refuge in the lush woodlands of the Tuscan Appenine mountains. It was here that he and his brothers - and sister monks, stayed to pray, speak of God and love and writing poetic prayers.

Theres one particular spot he would always return to, a small crack between huge rocks, a little cave beside where he would rest and pray. We entered into this space and felt like we've been given a taste of complete and absolute perfection, love igniting every cell, bathing you, cleaning all those dark avoidable corners until all you could see was God.

Further on the road we come across a field of yellow. Thought I'd bathe in that as well. :)

Yellow dust on my feet.

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