Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anguria with Mint

This is it. The last of the melons, for now. I have to thank Stacey for the brilliant idea of adding in chopped mint. The combination defined a new kind of fresh - plus it tasted like a million bucks! Gourmet on a budget - bang for your buck, whatever you want to call it. This tops gelato - and I love gelato. ok, enough praise and worship. Just some few guidelines (you cant really call it recipe when theres only 2 ingredients involved without having to cook anything right?).

1.) Good fresh ingredients. Get the good juicy ripe red, not the greyish pinkish dull melon that tastes like some kind of bitterish eh. Fresh mint plucked straight from the plant if you can or place a stalk of leaves on a glass of water to keep it fresh for a day or two. If you can't, melon alone is a winner.

2.) Chop your melon whichever shape or form you like. I find that bite-sized chunks work best - keeps those tiny air globules intact for that slight crunch. But if you like it slushy, slash and slush away. Or bite straight into it like a wild man-woman she-wolf. er

3.) Chill. Chillllll in the fridge... It makes all the difference on a hot sweaty day. Cocomero means watermelon in Italy, so does Anguria but I think Anguria fits better. It sounds a bit erotic and having a good helping of this stuff is almost too pleasurable, even more eating it with your bare hands. ;)

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