Thursday, January 26, 2012

Altars on the Highway

Altar on road cliff in Kythnos.

Its been a busy week. A bit of perspective on which things to prioritize has led me to get back to work on our    Greece project from eons ago.. I know, its been a year and a baby later and still so much needs to be done. Hours of footage have been cut into bits and now piecing them all together (plus animation). Small steps like this series of photos which I took during our trip of over 50 different altars, compiled and prepped for something to be launched soon - posting just a few here. These altars are like headstones for those who died on the road. Considering that throughout our journey (about 2000kms of driving) we saw many of these everywhere we went - a clear sign of how easy we can cross over to the other side, on the road.

A well-kept altar in Mani.
On the edge of the road in Delphi, looking over the valley. Contents shown on the right.

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