Thursday, September 20, 2012

Muse: La Tela

So I've finally completed the video for La Tela, our next door neighbor while we were living in Macerata for about a year (sometime last May). It is also a museum on artisan weaving and a handicrafts workshop! I know, I know.. It was one of the most amazing discoveries literally right outside our doorstep. I also wrote an article on them over at Poppytalk.

The red dress above is the culmination of the kind of detail, texture and color I so truly enjoy and admire / multi sensory! and of course the looms, the sound of weavers weaving, birds making rounds in the sky and a quiet little garden with all the plants used to naturally dye the fabric/yarns - all of this makes La Tela a creative space unlike any other.

Macerata, the area, is a home away from home, a truly authentic life in the province where time moves slow and light plays its magic over the hills completely erasing all trace of traffic, stress, TV. No wonder such dedicated activities like La Tela and even an art academy thrives here.

It took months to really come back and work on the video but I am happy to have come around finishing it. And if your interested in reading some more on La Tela, read up here.

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