Sunday, November 25, 2012

Affordable Art Fair

Welcome to the Affordable Art Fair in Rome. I didn't expect to be so enthralled by this affair but as I was approaching the entrance with this gigantic bamboo installation, I knew I was about to be - well, wowed.

A short video I took of the event here:

Put simply, here you will find well curated art for less than 5000 euros by talented and emerging artists. Anyone who has ever loved art yet never considered collecting art can finally dabble into this (once) exclusive world without having to sell a leg or an arm. The organizers have made it so easy for anyone to do so that they provide a guide and assistance - a kind of art collector's 101 course.

The remains of the former slaughterhouse that is now Macro Museum of Contemporary Art

I love how emerging artists can be celebrated in this manner. Here it feels almost as if we are near them and seeing everyone looking through the pieces and imagining how it would fit their homes and spaces, directly communing with the art (even unknowingly) is quite beautiful to watch. People quietly feeling their way into the works. Surely an emotional response is important to choosing art, how it impacts you and how it contributes to the space it will inhabit.

My favorite part of all was receiving some free art materials! More on that soon. and if your curious to see more from this event, I wrote an article over at Poppytalk with more details. Ahhh now a spur of inspiration to get me back into the use of these hands. And you, how are you using your hands these days?


leyla said...

an event i would love to see. i love the watercolor (i assume it is watercolor) paintings of the women in the fifth photo. the bamboo installation is amazing as well.

Jillian In Italy said...

Gorgeous video. You really captured some great moments of people admiring and discussing art. And the building that the fair is in is amazing. I need to move to Rome.

Rachel said...

I really enjoyed the video. I missed this, which is ridiculous considering I live here. Next time you are in Testaccio give me a call x

Katerina Bon Vora said...

Do come visit sometime! :) funny that I have been dreaming lately of being in the countryside and have some of that peace. maybe its just the holiday rush thats stressing me out. nice to hear from you

Katerina Bon Vora said...

I'd be happy to! perhaps after the holidays when all is back to normal. :)

Katerina Bon Vora said...

Yes it is/was watercolour. caught my eye too. I've looked over at your latest posts and so wowed by how much you've improved! couldn't find a way to comment but yes, especially like the treatment on happy sunday - and would love to see the Clearwater Jazz fest. :)

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