Sunday, November 11, 2012


Not too long ago I thought I'd finally attend one of the gatherings of InterNations here in Italy. We happened to be in Bologna for the 5th anniversary party and so I contacted Neima Sitawi, an expat fashion designer who was the host of the event, and asked if I could do a short video/photo coverage. So I did and went and met some interesting people. One of them a bag designer for Prada in Florence who seemed too nice and friendly to be working for a haute couture brand. Tamsin, a certified expat and traveller, led me to this site and network and I thought, brilliant! People out of their countries all in one place! Have you connected with your local InterNations community yet?


Elizabeth Joss said...

This is awesome, thanks so much for making this

Elizabeth Joss said...

This is awesome! Thanks so much for making this video. Tamsin referred me to your site as I am moving to Rome in December :-)

Katerina Bon Vora said...

Oh hi Elizabeth, great that your coming here soon! lets connect once your settled. :) send a message anytime

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