Saturday, January 5, 2013

Everyone's the Same - Kaapin

Made this music video after nearly a year in the back burner. I was asked by two good friends from home, talented musicians, who formed this electronic duo called KaapiN to work on their song which I loved to pieces. Being often in the realm of music as player/performer/appreciator, it was obvious I would accept this proposal. It was just a matter of when and how, and with who.

Early 2012 I got acquainted with Lucia and Simone - two very talented theater actors/directors who then became great friends as they too have a son the same age as ours. We've discussed this collaboration earlier last year but never really had the time (as all new moms) and now since we are serendipitously here in Ancona for the first week of 2013 and with the great power of minds that come together to make things work - voila, we did it! I'm really happy even if its nothing like the original plan. Porto Nuovo and Monte Conero of Ancona as our playground worked just right. and of course, Lucia, sei veramente BRAVA!

If you are predisposed to new music, different kinds of sounds and art and the manner in which people express themselves in reckless abandon then feel free to check out KaapiN. I used to be in a band with one of them and we made some awesome stuff together. Very proud of these guys.

Lets just say we are off to a good start 2013.

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Jillian In Italy said...

I didn't think you could be any cooler and you go and tell us you used to be in a band!

Love this song and video.

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