Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Phoenix Imago

Recently spent some time shooting the music video for Rob of Phoenix Imago around Rome. This is probably the fastest and most spontaneous multi-collaboration I've done with not just one but two creatives - the other being British artist Amy Hiley as main photographer (with most of her photos featured here).

First of all, it is so easy to shoot in Rome with its fine weather and perfect scenery. I think Rome did half of the work and all we really did was stand there with our cameras, eyes open, catching those beams and glimpses of wonder - whilst Rob finds his voice and song.

Later that night I organized with a local cafe/bar in Monti called Pierrot Le Fou for an intimate acoustic performance with Rob. I never really did so many things all at once but working with such open and creative folks, it is never impossible - and it is always fun! PLUS, Rob is such a natural on stage and off - it was great working with him and Amy.

The music video will follow soon. ;)

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