Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Italy Tarot Tour

Last year was full of interesting encounters and travels around Italy. One of the best was this sojourn with a merry band of tarot travelers, tracing the history, symbolism, and art of Tarot where it was originally found/created, in northern Italy. I wrote about it last year before the actual trip here. And now, months after, I've finally come around completing the trailer below, with things you might expect to see/find on this tour.

The experience itself was magical. Italy is almost always dramatic but add to that story a dimension of myth and meaning, bridging stories and events like seeing the secret mechanisms within an old watch or a painted masterpiece - or unraveling a mummy!

Awe is appropriate, so is bliss.

Communal streets with its common fare and folk. What is Italy without EATaly? never mind, another story!
Poseidon in all his masculine beauty in Bologna. Imaginary waves crash on his feet as he stands watch over the sea. Below him sea maidens in erotic display of their bosoms, heavy and taut in warm sea-green, riding demon dolphins diving down before climbing back up the surface. All this in public display for our enjoyment.
Street artists parade and shake the stillness of brick and concrete. Always insisting life is for the living, and live we must!
Find out more about this year's tarot tour here. I am so glad I found Arnell Ando, host and organizer of this tour who is also a respected tarot artist and owner of the online Tarot Emporium for all your tarot needs and curiosities. She is both gracious and divine, a wonderful person inside out. 
More on her and other tarot stories soon. 


Arnell said...

It was an immense pleasure & honor to share the 2012 tarot art history adventure with you Kat! So wonderful watching the trailer of a few cherished moments of it with the great anticipation of your actual video now in the works. Your words and creative spirit touch me deeply and are appreciated by all of us. Hope to be able to do a new tour this year and be together.

4shiny said...

wonderful post. I wish I knew more about Tarot :)

Jillian In Italy said...

Love the blog redesign! Gorgeous and so you. Now off to learn more about this Tarot Tour...

Inge Picqueur said...

Wow, I love your pictures, especially the little collage you made at the top of Sienna! Sienna is a lovely city (so are other Italian cities like Milan) and it's been a long time since I last visited Sienna but when looking at these pictures it makes me want to go back. It's interested to read you went on a tarot-adventure-trip, I never knew tarot dates back from early Renaissance?! Guess I'm learning something new everyday. ;-) Great post!
Inge x

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