Monday, April 27, 2009

art informal

artist and intense gardener - a combination i've only really considered through the meeting of such an individual in the unlikeliest of situations. (or perhaps not too unlikely. synchronicities seem to be the norm these days) i wonder about how random or unusually apt his shirt was -that basically said, "Blessed Man".
and indeed, without expectation and formal planning, a whim trip to an art gallery outside the city turned out to be an enlightening "smorgasborg" of revelations, a parade of information celebrating everything about life that i thought i forgot. well, standing there before the bamboo and the pond and the hilarious combination of Melissa (muttering to herself how she wants to weep with joy) and Kelly (lugging this very heavy bag) while blessed man Andy talks about how plants and animals leave little hints and messages for us and how most people are convinced we're cut-off/disconnected from the cosmic transmission - well, not entirely. or more like, not entirely if you really pay attention. if you listen, if you go inside, go near, near enough for the sun to warm your skin, and have the rustle of the leaves catch your eye and leave you wanting to breathe... more... air... =)

at the end of the day and way past midnight i find myself walking the highway to a bus. on one arm a camera bag and on another, a gift of paintings and prints. then finally, at the end of the road and on a bus half-empty, i move towards a long seat and an open window. i guess i forgot about how much i enjoyed bus rides until i remembered.

then (like it was on queue) the journey continues.


Anonymous said...

why you closed your yutube acount? =O

Unknown said...

was getting a bit too complex with complex carbohydrates. lol. simply simplifying. i'm gonna just reboot and live again. and maybe in a month or so i might find some energy to create some art. =)

Anonymous said...

ok, well let me know when youre back i'm "faszika" there :) have a good one

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