Sunday, April 19, 2009


elliot smith is playing in my head and singing, "i'm stuck here waiting for a passing feeling". after 2 whole weeks of extreme sun and humid nights the rain finally poured and its pouring still, pouring hard, pounding on the roof, by the window, on the cracked concrete whos been looking quite thirsty. yes. romanticizing.

while with a friend walking the streets to his auntie's house, i thought about the odd shape of the electrical posts and how the sign signifying the entrance to the village beautifully framed 3 concrete buildings jutting out of some low/flat housing area. stared at it for a while, while he and his aunt were in deep discussion and then a plane flew overhead. i remembered my friend ross telling me, "invest in good memories". and that made perfect sense to me. we continued to walk along till we reached the highway. he and his aunt exchanged goodbyes and we went ahead to walk towards the overpass. orange street light hitting us from the side. people walking ahead of us had a glow about them to the right, while a sharp shadow moved about from the left. i guess it looked like a scene from a movie then i thought, "nice."

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