Sunday, June 7, 2009

the moon right now is a ball of cheese

while capturing some old forgotten tapes (part of the clutter-clearing) i couldn't help but witness an audio-visual flashback. i see the kat with the helmet hair, a contrived four-eyed with a guitar in a basketball court. theres also the curly hair phase and the raging vests. a lot of footage of the same thing or scene in different light conditions that no longer mean as much to me as they were when i shot them.
i thought, how soon does something new become old?
flashing on the monitor is a look on my face, astounded.
then i remember how that was a memory.
"memories are perennial", a friend said it as part of a joke. i laughed because it was both funny as a sarcastic joke and for the fact that it was also largely a non-joke. like a boomerang boomerang-ing. a spinning top or a dervish dancer. its all in motion and yet in stillness. no, not any of that zen stuff or philosophies or maybe i just want to be different. or i'm lazy. or confrontation makes me nervous. or my skin feels very warm right now while the air is cool.
whatever really. textures.
pleasant flower blossom in the morning light beside electric light post.
porca vacca.
i will click on a button, shut down the computer, close the lights, and rest completely.

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