Friday, June 5, 2009

sleep then wake up

ok before the self-editing kicks in, just some things:

yesterday Aljor said, "life comes at you point blank". hm. actually that was the other day. now its 6:39am friday playing 1901 from Phoenix. what happened that year? Siliman University of Dumaguete was erected. That city. The boulevard. tipping towards sugar like an escalator for doughnuts preparing to get drenched in oozing sugary muck. and it still tastes good.

"make your minutes count."
Yay for minutes! and to that movie, Man from Earth, a conversation on immortality and cromagnon representatives in university faculty that went on despite thunder flashes from outside the window, interrupting the deep orange sky (light pollution, by the way).

fast forward and just a couple of steps backward to Cubao on my way to work and in less than a minute, this:

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