Thursday, October 14, 2010

Casette is Dead

A dead casette tape was found in the vicinity of the Acropolis, somewhere beside the tavernas. It appears to be tied by its insides and until now, remains unidentified. Ask yourself, why did they let this happen? Music used to be special, it used to be food = sustenance. It wasn't easy to acquire which meant it needed searching and understanding. It required your active participation, it took you from one place to another -it was a means for transportation, a means for living. This is scientific! Consider the people who live without it - are they wearing glasses? are they square? are they still alive? what is a man without senses? a rock. but Rock in music twitches, stings, burns, blazes. It is the Anima, the soul essence, the Animator of bodies.

There is still one Old School thing that can still live on: snail mail.
Personal hand-written saliva-sealed mail delivered from me to you (and vice versa). If my hand can't make it all the way to high-five yours, the ink on my pen will at least "mediate" for me via doodle. hehe

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