Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Then and now

a year (and bit more) ago I was on fire. I was literally burning everywhere and cracking and flaming and I couldn't keep from being some kind of torch. I felt all together, my guts stayed close and I used it often. I was a wolf, enjoyed my time alone and with others, rough and catching for signs, smells, links that would end up woven into some kind of song, image, dance, poetry - there was no lack of it, I felt blessed.

these days I can't even pick up the guitar and play something that makes my heart race. or sing without thinking. my body seems strange and sometimes distant, I bend and it hurts, I extend an arm and feel the weight of gravity. I write something and then abandon it without feeling. I'm not burning as I was. maybe I'm hibernating? maybe I've become an oven and at the moment I'm busy baking something.. There's a growing bump in my belly and its not because of Italian "mangia". Whatever's inside it is burning, kicking, growing like something I cannot fully imagine. Independent yet always listening, sometimes it feels like we're both looking at each other wondering about the other. Who are you and what brought us together?

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Francesco Conte said...

Katri, its indeed a miracle thats happening, and something is really hibernating (and baking) inside of you, you've become the ultimate oven! The temple that will give birth to a new baby =)
did he speak out his name yet? I think we're getting closer..

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