Thursday, October 27, 2011

Geek Fall/Winter Fashion (Homeless Cat Series)

OR ideas for what to wear when you can't really afford or care to buy new stuff. The keyword is UPCYCLE. Last year's pieces involved a lot of thrifted and gifted and adopted (from my dear husband) stuff. I'm not saying people should dress like me, I'm not even sure thats OK or even visually appealing as I tend to go on the technicolor side (maybe tag this post Psychidelic Geek?) and homeless (I don't give a crap) style. The good thing about reusing and getting creative with old stuff is that you can authentically look retro vintage without having to buy new sweatshop-made vintage look-alikes! The only real investments I made involved shoes. A good walking/running pair and bootstrap bill's good ole boots. Hey wait, I wrote something about doing the boogaloo last year. Anyway, whats your fall/winter style?


פִילִיפ said...

For upcoming seasons? Changsan @ Fisherman pants. Comfy and baggy, but an investment, since they're not so common Stateside. Been taking a cue from North-East Asian male gymnasts, by not styling my hair and just letting it grow out wild. I think it was Shelby from Steel Magnolias who said it best, "I want to make things as simple as possible." Slightly calculating and bakla, but you asked! The floods in Tuscany look horrible, btw.

Unknown said...

sounds good! love the comfort and convenience of fisherman pants. looks great too ;) and yeah the floods have ruined Cinque Terre.. people had to evacuate by boat - imagine that. we haven't even been there yet (but thats the least of their problems. lol) anyway they are cleaning up, and fixing. its still home for them. this time round they'll surely take note of not building too many things by the river

francesco conte said...

bella kakring =)

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