Friday, October 28, 2011

Evoluzione Spirituali with Patricia Nicholls

Poster design with my favorite of her paintings
A recent show by a dear friend Patricia features her work from over 10 years ago. These were inspired by the design of the ancient ruins in Malta and its many spirals and reveals parts of her own spiritual awakening. Now she is a practicing Vedic astrologer and yogi. I wonder how this must mean to her to have these fragments from that period in her life come back together in this show. She is one of the few good friends I have made here in Italy and one of those who have helped me adapt and embrace this new life I'm leading now. An expat herself, born and raised in the US, shes had her own share of adventures and misadventures - all of which have colored her life and made her the awesomeness that she is today. I got excited when she asked me if I could design her invites and even happier to celebrate this show and the new opportunities opening up for her.

Her husband Roberto, friend of Fra from whom I met Pat, also an artist, ex-professor, and photographer (and more recently organic farmer) just had his birthday recently. Tanti Auguri!! may you have bountiful harvests for many years! :)


Patricia Lee Nicholls said...

Thanks, Kat! What a pleasant surprise to have received notice tonight of your Blog commenting on my exhibition - and I'm especially touched by your beautiful tribute to our friendship. I am so very fortunate that my path has crossed with such a positive, gifted, talented and generous friend who is so able to express her love for life and everything in it.
Thanks again, Kat - Love you

Anonymous said...

What beautiful artwork!!!!! :)

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