Friday, November 18, 2011

Baa-Baad Art

At the beginning of Fall, the first cold winds and the sniffles it brought with it, I felt a saddish feeling. This is only my 2nd winter upcoming and the 1st one was charming (as all first times) and filled with many travels. It was also grey and cold and defined by this nostalgia only someone away from home can truly understand. It didn't dawn on me upon arrival to Italy that I would make it my new home. I always felt that nothing was ever set in stone and if it was, I would insist and life would resume its flux. I'm guessing now is a time for something else, a new kind of period to be defined later when I can look back at it and reflect.

I thought I'd paint again and since its been a while since I last used a brush, I got several small canvas panels and set out to paint all at once - throwing all caution and intention, just painting, getting back that rhythm, dirtying the hands. Funny how I ended up making some kind of slogan. After completing everything in 2 days and looking at what I've accomplished, I see that 1.) It Sucks and 2.) I needed to let that out. I tried to use little of my brain while working but ended up conversing with my work instead. So yes, these panels are but a transcript of that conversation.

I'm glad I did this. Now on to the next project.

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