Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Antiquariato Finds

That good ol' feeling... Always get a rush out of vintage. :) Here, just some of the most inspired from the big Antiquariato (used-goods fest) in Ancona. Just look at those colors, the illustrations - the thought they put into it - WILD!


פִילִיפ said...

Been channeling my Italian heritage (mom's side is replete with Fabros) studying the Italian Mystic, Ramhal with R'Greg Wall.

Kat, would you do me a Favor (pun intended)? My Italiana lawyer friend (now married to a German lawyer; we're estranged) went out of her way to photograph a placard bearing the name, Fabro, while on vacation in Italy. Could you snap the sign for me and my extended family? Not sure where she found it, but I'm willing to purchase a portrait, if you could search it out for us.

פִילִיפ said...

"You shall not pull back your neighbor's landmark, which the earlier ones have set as borders in your inheritance" (Devarim 19:14).

Unknown said...

I don't really know where to find this Fabro sign but will keep it in mind for the moment we do - snap. :)

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