Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Painted Portraits

I recently had the opportunity to photograph someone's collection of paintings. There were sooo many and mostly big (showing just a few here). I think the time and technique it takes to create just one of these is.. Mastery. But then I'm just not the kind of artist who does (or can do) this sort of thing. I find myself a bit of a raggedy pauper standing beside such work with my mouth open, awed. Anyone whos a bit contemporary or should I say "as of 2011 soon-to-be 2012" would have seen or cared very little about paintings like these or classic art in general. Its not just "dated", its also hidden away in someone else's collection, or covered behind the walls of a museum, rarely to be seen in public (because who goes to musuems anymore anyway), fading away in silence only to be remembered in books and forgettable pieces of paper. Where do they exist in realms such as the internet for example? I'm here (there) bearing witness to figures frozen in frames, a different time and space. Once they sat and looked and someone looked back and painted.

What does Mastery mean anymore? Who has the time, a scarce resource for many, to dedicate soley for the creation of beauty. To face the same canvas for days without end, painting the light, the shadow and everything in between. And somehow at the end, making sense. Making more than just sense - sensations!

Eh.. what can I say.. Boh. Nothing more. Maybe just - Grazie. for beauty, love, and art.


Anni said...

Oh these are gorgeous! I could spend days lost in museums and art collections. I have no talent in terms of painting, but it's so inspiring. It's a shame that it's not valued more in modern society. It makes me sad to see people constantly buying cheesy reproductions over local art.

Unknown said...

yeah.. but guess thats just part of living in the age of technology. classic art is much to slow and tedious to be acceptible in a speedy world. or it could also be that its attached to too many ideals and misunderstandings (eg. the rich socialites etc).

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