Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yard Sale! for a cause

Its a serious thing that just happened recently in my hometown. Of all places, I would never have expected something as big as this (711 dead and hundreds still missing). As shocked as I am, I'm glad my family is safe. However many have lost their homes and families. Real help is needed now. This online Yard Sale will hopefully help raise funds fast. I'm glad I have several handmade and vintage items I kept for my etsy (which I stopped because I wanted to focus more on my baby) available for this cause.

Also, for anyone needing design services - you can contact me and part of that fee will go to this cause as well. For more information and ways to help view this page: http://www.rmp-nmr.org/index.php/help-northern-mindanao.asp updates available for all relief work efforts HERE.

You can help also by passing on this information through facebook or tweeting this link: http://t.co/u9OA5ct #HelpNorthernMindanao

Thank you..

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