Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Muse: Roberto Papini

Brilliant and in constant pursuit of beauty, symmetry and truth - some words I can offer on Roberto Papini. While his choice of material is almost always used/recycled/trash, calling his work recycled art seems a bit absurd. Look closely and see how the materials shed their former identity as he assigns new roles, pegs and cogs in his machine/canvas/opus. A generous and simple man, bahai messenger, fan of classical music and philosophical conversations, its impossible not to fall in love with him. No matter that hes turning 91 this year, hes incredibly fit and sharp for his age and generous as he may be, he doesn't like being photographed - or filmed.
Can you guess some of his materials? A quick list includes pasta, light-bulbs, vials, plastic shaves, corrugated board, mirrors, and accordion parts. Theres always a 3-dimensional quality in all his work, a constant play of textures and patterns. A series using styropor as base reminded me so much of the surface of the moon, or cuneiform, or musical notes.

Early art education with Fra and Adamo

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