Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project Greece Trailer

They say strike while the iron is hot. This is not the case with Project Greece. We embarked on this journey more than one year ago with lots of big ideas and bold risks but nothing came out as expected. In fact, a whole lot of other things happened instead. I got pregnant, changed plans (Fra decided to take his masters in political science and mananged to finish in one year - cum laude. such wondrous things happen when you have a child) therefore this project has been on hold for quite some time but now, more than year and new direction after, its finally coming towards its completion.

And you know, it was not easy. Its always easier and faster to complete work when you get at it immediately until its done. Prolonged waiting and the long passage of time only makes it more laborious. An unfinished project is like an open wound. Any creative feels this. Like an unfinished song, a poem written halfway, a half-painted canvas collecting dust, a dream half-realized. Of course, nobody has to feel obligated towards their creations (unless the creation is a living being - thats your little buddha with a whip. haha). I don't believe in having things/projects "own" me but I do believe in completion and its completely natural. In nature - everything in a cycle, in flow. Sometimes its best to let things remain incomplete (like things that you don't believe in anymore) but other things, other things that keep calling and calling - those big scary things we feel we're too small to do, thats part of what we're here for.

So, anyway. Without further BLAH, Here is the trailer. The website will be up soon, stay tuned! The music is by a very talented friend of mine, Pedja Milosavljevic, the most awesome Serbian-Balkan-RawChef I've ever known. Seriouslly, thanks for this track (I wish I recorded my vocals with it but perhaps another time. heee).

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