Thursday, April 12, 2012

Theater collaboration

Fra with Monica's Vagina (art).
Some scenes here from last week's theater/film collaboration. Its called "The Three Worst Hours of my Life" translated from Italian, written and performed by Fra. It was fun, tiring but happy to spend a few days with these guys, made connections and saw everything spark. We had a theater all to ourselves with lights to manipulate, the whole shebang - big thanks to Simone who helped us find this space.

Thats Simone up there. Super glad his wife came along with their little one. We clicked and the babies clicked which was funny (Adamo hasn't played with babies in his age-group yet).  Lucia is an actress and she does wonderful shows for kids with their group Teatro Pirata. Take a look at her video too!

Thats Monica's Vagina masterpiece. See more of her art over at Quadrure.
Other collaborators include Roberto Bonfigli (photography, including the photos I'm using here and acting), Claudio (lights technician, script editor, actor), Jack (filming, video-editing), Sylvia (acting, voice-over), Roberto the Biker (acting) and myself (voice over, logistics, food, things un-quantifiable. hehe).

A moment with myself and Adamo.

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