Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Circus Mechanicus, Street Artists and Buskers

Have a look into the tiny world of Circus Mechanicus! One of the the many attractions of the recent Pennabilli Street Artists and Busker's Festival, perhaps my favorite because of the whimsy, the lovely details and work put into it (the Hungarian lady, one of two who made this, told me it took 3 years to complete. Afterall, its a tiny circus - mechanicus! The characters inside MOVE.) Their group is called Tintalo. They do such wonderful projects and are completely inspired by the circus.

Its the first time I witness an event in the interior of central Italy (as countryside as it can get!) that was so big with crowds and performers from all over the world. There were performances ever hour, everywhere, until 2am for days and many quirky little shops and food stands, fun games for both young and young at heart like stilts (Claire was damn good at it!), wooden balancing things and objects that made me nostalgic about growing up before technological inventions like gameboy or pc gaming. Nothing beats 3d real-time interactive games!

She was so nice and happy to be taken a shot of. Looking out into rolling hills and greens, you too can imagine how anything is possible.

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