Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clandestine Mazurka at Gradara

One word: home. That night outside the castle walls of Gradara, we met with a mix of folk musicians, creatives, friends of a friend we made recently when we moved to Pesaro. I know its been eons since I last wrote on this blog and hardly mentioned anything at all about, well, anything at all. Its been a great big move and a hell of a month. But something about it, something about all this just feels a lot like home.

Some bits:
  1. Pesaro is awesome. In a month's time I've made more friends and connections than the two years I spent everywhere else (mostly between Ancona and Macerata - which I thought seemed worlds apart. I guess Pesaro is a whole leap outside the galaxy)
  2. Earthquakes. The first big earthquake hit the area of Ferrara and made quite a mess. That area has never been considered a "seismic" zone but then just around the same day the first solar eclipse of year occured, there was the earthquake and a big nightmare woke me in the middle of the night only to be followed by another disturbing dream. An energy dive that came rising back up in the following days. Oh, and two more earthquakes followed. One early this morning near Rimini.
  3. Claire. An English woman traveller is spending the summer with us to learn Italian and help watch over the little one - such luck and wow, big thank you Claire for coming to join our family even for just a short time.
  4. Travelling alone with Adamo. I did it! It can be done! I've had some hesitation before due to the language and the sheer difficulty of Italian public transportation but will-power and shamelessness can really get the work done.
  5. Growing pile of things to do. Slowly getting back my rhythm.

Thats all for now. Home and family - two things that go hand in hand. Both tracing its roots all the way back in time and space, finding at the very core that we're all deeply connected.

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