Tuesday, May 5, 2009


interesting speech: Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity

Ahh... must it be an uphill battle when its all the joy that is and could be for any creative artist, musician, gardener, scientist, teacher, person TO BE FULLY SELF EXPRESSED? FREE? LIVING and LOVING? the answer is no and also, you knew that despite your cynicsm.
truly, resignation is a lie for anyone still alive. coz, why bother living anyway? and despite the set-up that has been set up by the supposed "powers that be" with repression as the established norm and man the human as the variable in this grand experiment (who knows what results will come of it), we keep walking, breathing, evolving somehow someway - unknowingly? unconsciously? or moving towards somewhere, someway... perhaps

times are changing fast and actually, its always been like that.

what kind of imagined responsibilities, laws, expectations, words, beauty, freedom, love have we fabricated and woven into our skin, our daily motions? pharmaceuticals are making lots of money from disorders we create out of something that was once very simple.

1.) we have become increasingly complex. "DOH", says the voice inside my head, a mental conversation that only supports this first point.

2.) DOH. yeah. the air smells real good right now too.

3.) ______________________ (fill in blank)

4.) creativity doesn't always involve things and form. its also about how things do form in the spaces we create.

5.) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. =)

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