Monday, May 11, 2009

time check

thinking about dates, scheduling, allocating time around the calendar for ideas to be made into reality can be a little overwhelming. the alternative of not thinking about anything to do with the future (in the guise of, "just let it flow" bum mode) also has its repercussions. artists usually go that path. its la vie boheme! freedom the sweetest taste of all. and yet.. broke. bent. almost paralyzed.

is it something that comes with having such a wild imagination that causes this semi-paralysis? a brain that races ahead of everyone elses with all its magic sparkles. is this how Da Vinci felt during his time while sketching ideas of non-existent parachutes, automobiles, airplanes, scuba-diving equipment? 400 years after he died, everybody starts to get with the program and finally admit that, "ahh.. he wasn't joking. look, we're riding carriages without horses!".

"i think i exist outside the time space continuum.", i remember telling my boss that, in jest, while convincing her that i really do appreciate being shook up - like, verbally or physically (but maybe not so much like a slap on the face. though that would work faster.). if i was Da Vinci in a past life, i would really like that this time around i wouldn't be as exclusive with my magic sketch-book bible of ideas as i was centuries ago. like, enough with writing backwards already! nobody gets it!

i don't know about Da Vinci. but right now, time is becoming more present to me than ever before. its like Mother Mary standing on a cloud and descending to the earth. its grounding for levitating creatures such as myself. its balance. its building the bridge between heaven and earth. this bridge will have a command center meeting room with schedules, maps and organization. its also the descent of the holy spirit upon the apostles. kinda.

also, i give credit to the calendar. if it weren't for the month july that follows the month june, i wouldn't remember how i'd be another year older since the last. gosh. almost 24 years of existance in this planet! its something i never really thought would happen. the last time i remember i was only 21. then again... *shrug* here we go TIME SPACE CONTINUUM!

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