Monday, May 11, 2009

with more "in-ten-si-teh"

Lost in Translation, the film, has this unforgettable scene of Bill Murray being shot for this japanese whiskey commercial. of course, the japanese director finds it immensely difficult to relay his vision for the scene so he and this level1 english translator spend some time bantering in japanese. and after a seemingly vigorous discussion, the translator turns to Bill and very plainly says, "do it with more... in-ten-si-teh".

nothing too complicated. we just talk different - think different, have separate limbs and bodies and naturally, separate brain organs. yes, occassionally we have moments when our lines do intersect and the idea of separation becomes nothing more but.. an idea! AHA! until your pen decides to move elsewhere over the pad, writing some other letter for some other cause.

the other day was Wesak, Buddha's birthday. it was also a grand full moon gathering shared and spent with some folks both old and new. i haven't meditated with a group in a while so it was refreshing to be sharing SPACE with people. an interesting italian traveller, Francesco, was as still and zen in his lotus position until the end of the night when he started spinning for the longest time holding a camera in his hand - filming himself. ends up sharing how hes been doing this in every place he travels to. and yes, hes on youtube.

Sergio, from costa rica, shared some chants and rituals. relaying how fire, to them, is all there is as we all gather around it in a circle. fire is the grandfather who sees the duality in all things. he shared a word which i cant seem to remember... something that represented how from the first word that you speak of till the moment you stop talking - its gone, its in the fire. hmm.. there was more to that than i can can share but..

also, something else came up that night. something i found rather familiar, like something that occured in some other field - not entirely related to spiritual practice. later that night we all ended up dancing, meditating and dancing, sharing for some bit and then basking in the full moon with some beer or tea.

stood by the balcony with Troy. perhaps he saw how i was seemingly going through some internal catharsis and he said, "this is the new beginning kat. the new path". i responded without thinking so much (seemed more like a snap. lol), "its always been like this. its always the beginning.. whats different this time around?". well.. the cycle might keep moving in the same circle but really.. the difference is now.


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Francesco Conte said...

That night I did sit still
the knees start hurting
in between
as i rise
and get outside
i feel the warmth
of moonlight beam
kat inside i see
turning to white
that blooms within

bon anniversaire, Buddha :)

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