Saturday, September 26, 2009

How Time Flies

My father decided to go sky-diving with some university students some weeks ago. He did it as a birthday gift for himself. Just a little bit more time and he'll turn 50!
How time flies.. and so he flew. When I read his email I was both shocked and appalled (he did it before me!! gaahh! must supersede the elders. KIDDING!) and I was also super proud of him with that silly smile on his face, flapping his wings, suspended in the sky like Peter Pan.

Its not the most likely picture of him but its such a nice surprise. Looking at Papa as a boy with all that wonder and joy is as much of a gift as being friends with him and Ma. Its enough to clear away everything we misunderstood, crimes against each other, and then now finding how much sweeter life can be after all. The full spectrum, as it is, is nothing less than beautiful. =)

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