Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manifested Manifestos

So I did have a brief ramble about this amazing article (The Generation M Manifesto. do click the link to read more) I discovered through my boss, Anna. For some time now we, the teachers at My Masterpiece, have been developing and redefining what it is exactly that we want to create for the school and the future/world we wish to take part of and contribute to. Some evidence of our exploration and collaboration can be seen through The Splots Project and also in the curriculum the teachers have developed, the expansive approach to teaching through art. Its pretty amazing. =)

Its becoming more apparent that the more light bulbs light up, the brighter the room. Wether the light is your mind or your heart or your soul, your shining persona maybe? Whatever it is that is being shared that sparks something in another, thats some kind of illumination for sure. Despite the barriers in communication, context, language, and culture - none of those have stopped us from the pursuit of life, of finding all ways and means to flourish, grow. Although some forms of persistence (can be used interchangeably with growth, yes, two different things) are counter productive. For many creatives, there can be the tendency to implode or conduct mini-suicides, also something I like to refer to as self immolation. I've said it before, about how it feels like having many lifetimes within this present lifetime. Nothing bad about it or cryptic, nothing good either. Just different processes that can mean a million other things to a million other people.

One thing is crystal clear and that is, different perspectives offer a general perspective of whats actually possible. Given that there is an infinite number of pictures we can take of the universe, we can say with some degree of confidence that yes, possibilities are just as limitless. Just imagine - and I mean, use your imagination. And this is nothing new, and even nothing especially spiritual or religious in nature. What if I say, "Nature itself is in persistent growth and in constant declaration of expansion, moving towards infinity." Can that also be one of the pictures (perspective) you can take of the universe? I see how my own references/inferences span through my personal experiences, readings, conversations with people and also, there is my conscious decision and oftentimes reaction (vs. response) to world. Its constant shifting of thoughts and after some time you do observe how different ways of thinking have different effects in our lives.

What I'm mostly curious about is if people are as conscious of being the "Photographer" of the picture which is our own lives. If we try to consider it, every moment could be a different snapshot. And do we notice how much of our creativity is involved in the simple act of framing our images, of composing the elements in the picture, of focusing on certain subjects and on adding definition or sharp detail to some things while blurring others? Its active, not passive. Its us behind the lens and yet many people say that life is like watching a movie, a series of moving images - the difference between being the photographer and one viewing the picture is hardly noticeable but that thin distinction makes a whole world of difference.

So yes, we are meaning making machines seeking to live meaningful lives worth living. Its always a lightbulb moment when I hear other people's lightbulb moments. =)

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