Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steady Footing

Yarr.. deep breathing. Smoking some of the time just to see evidence of breath. And yes, also for no-brainer purposes. Mental calisthenics has been the activity for the last couple of (time escapes me) days? And all talk about change and the fast changing times always seems to be the case at all times, no - especially during these times, yes. Like I have to be constantly reminded that it is 2009 and that means 3 years to go before the great BIG CHANGE 2012 Hallelujah.
Anticipation blows.

My new strategy is no strategy (and its not actually new). For some days (and perhaps even more if this works out, and I think it will) I will give up the heavy task of Knowing. I will give it to those who are already deep into the woods and have enough trail mix and water in their jug to last them for the rest of their noble journey into the deepest core of the ... Its a secret. He who knows, Knows.

Wolfie tells his story:

"While the rest of the pack went ahead and I was left sitting by the river bank, where we all slept and talked about my leaving last night, I couldn't help but feel a gnawing sense of doubt. And looking at my own reflection on the busy river gave me no consolation for the night that was fast approaching. So I headed to the nearest cluster of bushes and used them as we would use pillows and thought perhaps they could also work as a barricade for whatever scary foreign creature might come near. Soon I noticed how different night can be without the pack. The air smelled fuller without anyone to share it with but then it was also too much for a single soul to breathe.

Dark and dense it was before me. Like the sky itself was finding its way into my lungs while I blow back out the clouds and speckled dots to where they belong. Which is, up there.

See, a chest is too small for a sky - or is it? And is this what it means to be alone? The pack is moving elsewhere somewhere, eyes looking straight, feet walking undeterred into the woods. If the world were round, maybe they'll find their way back here and we'll all see each other again."

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