Friday, March 19, 2010

I think! --Beta Version

*blink blink*

How dare you persecute me when I start a sentence with "I think". Its not enough to look away just because I lack references. Them, the referred, referring other referrals, in this long sequence of he said/she said that goes all the way back to the beginning of time -or documentation, the printing press, gossip? One idea led to the next, got passed down to the children and so forth. SO, aside from the tried and tested ideas-turned-facts (e.g. gravity, science) are we now completely incapable of manufacturing our own ideas on things? So everything can be explained through science, and if anyone feels sad about that fact, they just consult a psychologist and get themselves FIXED? Nobody seems to remember how everything that has been conceived began in the human brain as a mere musing by its first thinker/artist. Sure hard work followed but it wasn't the work that defined the concept, though it helped refine it.

I admit, premature thoughts can be more like farts than strokes of genius. Excessive amounts of BLAH can result in lethargy, obesity (of the mental sort), and other less admirable things. BUT, and I mean this in all the best ways, its good to not give a fuck sometimes, to have some give on things especially opinions. Despite the obvious reality of our living breathing free human selves (check and feel your pulse) it is not as easy to notice how we are terribly bound by ideas - IDEAS! Thoughts. Mind. Notice how things like depression exists today and hardly in the more ancient/primitive cultures. Just because we've accumulated more data than all our forefathers (and mothers) combined doesn't mean we should just lift our hands up to the heavens and leave it all to google.

Can't you see that this is exactly the kind of convenience that creates robots out of humans? Its the most technologically advanced period in human history and the apex of information and communication continues to push beyond the atmosphere. Its a different level of comfort that we all seem to be enjoying out of these expanded "freedoms" but since when did comfort merit genius? Look back at history and notice how all the big changes/reforms required some radical way of thinking. Most heroes had their heads cut off precisely because they thought different -and had big mouths BUT still, a point to reflect on the concept of evolution and the fact that its not always pretty/conventional.

Its not a matter of respect or dignity or my stand from your stand on the other side of the wall. I'm not asking for a revolution. I just want my soul to come back and inhabit my body while I do my share in keeping its company. Its keeping one eye on my feet and the other to infinity. To wonder completely without anticipating the fault. In a sea of knowledge, its easy to assume that our task here on this earth is done. True that much of the work has been accomplished before us as it is also equally true that much work still needs to be done. So, I think!

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