Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little brave tooth saves the day

BACK with a toothache from hell. I'm to blame. A week of crunching into all sorts of nuts and dried wolf-berries and trying all sorts of combinations of curry, spicy, gingery, Singaporean fusion madness. My tooth has been complaining. A bit softly last week, and now screaming.

So, blessed with this situation, I have decided to purchase a juicer. And my response to all this is -- what took me so long?? *epiphany*

(long pause)

After a month of no smoking and transitioning to vegetarianism, I'm starting to believe that my secret ambition of living on raw green, living things plus anti-gravity yoga poses would finally dawn upon me. Eyes half closed, lips smiling but only slightly as the night sky lifts up its skirt for us to peek into the universe - JEYSUS, thats an infinite well of surprises right there. Ok, focus.

So lets say a month of juice, A FULL month of juice. I can imagine what it would be like in my head, measure the pros and cons before making any rash decisions. OR I could simply do it as penance for all of my health-tooth-related sins. or just go JL (John Lennon) about it and do it for Peace. Piss for Peace, make love for Peace, go to school for Peace, don't go to school for Peace, and so on.

Ah dental health has never been such a hot-topic since these last months. Its not so hard to believe that my body and its army of molecules can rally through a tooth, speak of the injustices inflicted upon them, fearless and brave with its declarations, inspiring other key organs to participate... I am the sole caretaker, the team leader, and its about time I set things right. Before I fuck it all up again. hehe

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