Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter from the Apartment

Dearest Kat,
What have you been doing lately? I see you from a distance and what I see is blurry. Are you really there or am I just imagining things? It rained really hard today for the first time since you landed. It made everything around look bluish. The winds blew and it was good. Speaking of which, some of the indoor plants need to be watered except for the cactus which requires watering only once a month. Also, the singing bowl has been sitting quietly beside the bed for some time and some books on the desk are waiting to meet you. Have you thanked the windows lately? They've been so generous with light in the last week. Light, by the way, warms your bed in the afternoons while your at work, effectively cheering up the sheets in their state of disarray. Some things you might not care to notice while you get lost in the motions but it doesn't take much to pause, regroup, and reitinerate (by the way, I invented that word. It means to reconsider itineraries). Everyone appreciates a bit of acknowledgement. And anyone acknowledged is another beam of light through that window. So don't forget to water the plants and hug the sheets.


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Anonymous said...

love the word, babe.

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