Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sleater-Kinney via dream state

The Woods. Sleater-Kinney's last and final encore.

I dreamt last night I was talking to this guy about music, happy that he wasn't completely clueless while I postulated on Sleater-Kinney, the most respectable riot gurrrls of Portland. I described the surprising, seemingly off and memorable beats of Karen, the drummer and asked if Corin's wails weren't sufficient for any soul to exit the body, how can anyone keep their mouths shut watching Carrie Brownstein shred the guitar? Its the unexpected outcome of skill, talent, and rock combined that no man has dared to imagine possible for a woman - or women.

Dream aside, I remember looking through videos of St. Vincent. One particular video intrigued me. It was like some kind of short film set in a feminist bookshop (go on) with 2 bookshop clerks looking more like hags. One was obviously a man with a wig and the other was a woman who looked vaguely familiar. A link on the description box lead me to discover Thunder Ant! (Thunder Cats?? YAy!) The two man-woman comedy show, half of which is Carrie Brownstein! ! Apparently she has made a new career in making people cry, laughing. Not a bad move since Sleater split - of course, from death comes rebirth and ohm mah gah, I luff this stuff. GO THUNDER ANT!

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