Thursday, October 6, 2011

Segreti di Fiaba (Secrets of Fairytales)

It was a lucky chance for us to stop by Cagliari and meet Fra's friend Francesca Amat, here setting up her art for the biggest children's book festival in Italy. What a brilliant idea she came up with -- other than revealing the secrets behind some of the old fairytales of the world, she created these "books" with a hole cut in the middle, revealing part of the image inside - deceptively resembling something completely different from the image inside. I love it! I think kids will totally love it! and what a way to get kids to read a bit more eh? remember all those books back in gradeschool and the characters that would frequent your dreams? ahh good times..

the secret of the language of animals
the secret, the key and the prohibition of the dragon king
the secret of the birth of elves
the secret of the firebird
Francesca Amat


Mirna Boringhieri said...

Mi piacerebbe sapere e confrontare i commenti di adulti e bambini.
A chi sono piaciuti di piĆ¹?

Unknown said...

Sono contento che ti sia piaciuto. Sono anche curioso di sapere

isaw said...

those are made with love. very charming!

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