Friday, November 18, 2011

Chance Encounters: 5

Guess what dad brought for dinner? Hitchhikers! Suprise feast 2 nights ago when Fra came home bringing 2 guests from the other side of the galaxy. One from Norway and the other from Scotland, northerners wandering near the WW2 cemetery in the cold dark, looking to find the best spot to fold out their sleeping bags and start a fire. hmmm.. in humid Ancona - alrighty then! Anyway, Fra driving on his way home saw these figures in the dark and thought - hey, why not bring them over for dinner? It turned out to be an interesting night. Philosophy, religion, bogs, and elks were among the topics covered. Definitely a chance encounter. AND a reason to travel up north.


Kelly said...

ooh post: a transcript of that conversation. yeah

Unknown said...

far too many things discussed Kel! they kinda reminded me of me some years ago. maan, am I old already? noooo

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