Monday, November 21, 2011

Piemonte: Pian Muné & Monviso

With the lovely Francesca at Pian Muné, Celtic sacrificial spot up the mountains of Piemonte. Holes on rocks correspond to star formations or constellations. During that special moment when the stars are aligned exactly the way they are drawn on the rocks, the Celts would offer an animal as sacrifice to the gods. Blood would be poured onto the the rocks and would fill these holes and the lines connecting the "dots". As morbid as that may sound, there is a very powerful and peaceful feeling in this land.

I'm very happy to have found these photos from our trip last year. Also very happy to have met Francesca, Fra's brilliant ex-girlfriend, who was so generous to host us in this part of Italy, her home. After all that I've seen, its become impossible to stereotype Italy - whatever that is or what it means. Its much too complex and diverse - north and south are like two ends of the world. :)


פִילִיפ said...

Cool orb.

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

those pictures are gorgeous and i love what you did with them! i am not a nature girl, i am a big city girl! but nature makes me smile, when you wake up and you see the most amazing sun in the world, well it is breathtaking! like these mountains

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